How will you train my dog? 

Positive reinforcement. For obedience and tricks, pay the behaviors you want with something the dog wants. Off-target responses are not rewarded and diminish. This is LIMA-compliant (Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive), per APDT and CCPDT guidelines.

Does positive training work

Yes. Reward-based training is safe and effective, relying on systematic Applied Behavior Analysis. These are natural laws of behavioral economics - not just throwing treats at the dog. Control what an animal wants and use that to reinforce training.

Are you a certified trainer?

I hold a Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC) from The Academy for Dog Trainers founded by Jean Donaldson (author of The Culture Clash, Dogs Are from Neptune, Fight!, Mine!) and also Certified Behavior Consultant Canine – Knowledge Assessed (CBCC-KA®). I am a professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, the Pet Professional Guild, and I have been an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator since 2020.

Do you use shock, prong or choke collars?

Nope. Never.

Will you hurt or scare my dog?

No. Positive reinforcement (reward-based training) avoids potential fall-out from punishment: fear of training, fear of the trainer, fear of the owner (see AVSAB position paper on humane training). Dogs who love training are easy to train.

My dog is driving me crazy! Can you help?

Yes, almost certainly. We can immediately put management in place to give you relief while we train new behaviors to replace problem behaviors.

Whaddya mean 'management'? 

Technically it's 'antecedent arrangement' as well as 'establishing/abolishing operations.' Change the dog's environment to make behaviors more or less likely. Dog raids the trash can? First thing to do is put the trash somewhere the dog can't get it so we can train. Crates, closed doors, baby gates and drag leashes may be used temporarily to solve problems at home. Some clients decide on management as a solution & choose not to spend the time & effort to train. As long as the long-term plan is effective and kind to the dog, clients can choose their own adventure.

Do you give guarantees?

No. It is unethical: there are no guarantees in behavior. However, I promise to work with you to put management and training in place to achieve humane and realistic outcomes - for you and your dog(s). 

Are you insured?

You bet. PugDuddly LLC is insured by Pet Care Insurance.

Do I really need a training package?

Training's not 'one-and-done.' Dogs need lots of repetition to solidify a new behavior. Owners need repetition - and support, too! A training package requires owners to consider whether they have enough resources (time, money, goodwill) to commit to training. Packages set dogs & owners up for success.

Love the dog you're with