Register New Client


Contact me by email (here) or schedule a phone call (request here). We'll talk briefly about your dog and your issue to make sure it's something I handle. If you'll be better served by another trainer or a veterinary behaviorist, I'll give you a recommendation.


Please scan or photograph your dog's vaccination records; email or text to me. Up-to-date rabies (1- or 3-year) is required by state law. Dogs who are ill should be cleared by your veterinarian before beginning training (especially behavior modification).


We will meet with your dog for a consultation. I'll collect information about your dog's history and your goals for training. We'll discuss management options that you can implement right away, as well as training plan options. You can choose to pay-as-you-go for single consults, or we can roll this first meeting into a training package.


Within 24 hours you will receive written follow-up after every meeting by email or text (your preference). Follow-ups include what to expect next, further steps in your plan, encouragement for what's going well and suggestions for improvement. Ask questions or concerns between meetings at any time.